2 Big Problems With Many Online Marketing Sales Funnels

For effective online marketing, a valuable tool is a good sales funnel.

Unfortunately, there are several problems I see in too many of them. And I’m not really concerned with the funnels that require you to own a particular marketing platform to use them. In fact, there are many powerful funnels like that, where using a share code it is easy for others to duplicate it. I’m talking about the funnels that can literally take money from your pocket and give it to another marketer.

Here are the 2 problems I see. I suggest avoiding these kind of sales funnels:

Avoid sales funnels that brand the designer or owner

I recently took a close look at a business. It had a cool product, big comp plan, and I really liked the gentleman I would team up with. But there was a real problem with the sales funnel. It was created by a guy I’m familiar with. He is a legitimate heavy-hitter in the online marketing and affiliate marketing world. The funnel was too much about him and his success. His name, face, and success stories were all over it. If he was the only one using the funnel, it is one of the best I’ve seen. It branded him well. But this was for everyone in his organization to use. He provided a share code so everyone could copy it.

Getting good traffic to your funnel is one of the most important tasks in your online marketing success. I am not willing to generate traffic to promote or brand somebody else…and you shouldn’t either!

Avoid sales funnels using YouTube videos

Don’t get me wrong – I love YouTube and use it myself. The problem is YouTube videos make it way too easy for a prospect to click the link in the upper left corner of the video and go to that marketers YouTube channel (some videos will be unlisted preventing the problem). No matter how big, how successful you are in your company, a prospect can always find someone bigger. I don’t want to make it easy for them to do that.

The other reason I don’t like sales funnels with YouTube videos is that I don’t want prospects to think they have to make videos…because some people just don’t want to do it and as a result may avoid joining your business.

I hope these 2 tips help you find the sales funnel that’s right for you!

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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