Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

I moved on to affiliate marketing after more than two decades in network marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, network marketing was very good to me. I learned a lot, made a lot of money, and met many good friends. For several years we drove the BMW automobile I earned as a bonus. Barbara and I enjoyed the financial freedom it provided.

But network marketing was a grind. Even when you use online marketing to build your business, it still takes a lot of time. Many of the important tasks were just plain not fun. And in spite of what others may tell you, many of the people you spend time coaching never achieve success.

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s where you sell a product or service for someone else and receive a commission. It’s a great way to create true time and financial freedom, even on a part-time basis via online marketing.

Here are my 4 favorite advantages of affiliate marketing

1. Low cost, low risk. Many good affiliate marketing programs are free or low cost to start. And unlike MLM or network marketing, there are no big monthly auto-ships. We teach our team to use free traffic and lead generation tools and provide a no-cost sales funnel and training.

2. Simplicity. Thanks to well-designed sales funnels and their automation, anyone can have success, even without previous experience. A few spare-time hours per week is all that is necessary. And unlike MLM or network marketing, there are no phone calls, no home parties, no bugging friends and neighbors, and no products to handle. The most important task you focus on is lead generation.

3. Income. Because of affiliate marketing’s lucrative commissions, ability to provide multiple streams of income, and recurring income too, it’s a proven means for everyday people to achieve financial freedom.

4. Security. And this is huge whether you are a full or part-time online marketer. Because of the multiple streams of income, you never worry about your “main” program falling apart. In network marketing, most successful people focus 100% on one business. And during my two decades in network marketing, I actually ended up building 5 separate teams and businesses as situations with particular companies changed. It’s literally like starting over. And it’s a real drag!

That’s not a concern with my affiliate marketing business. Because my marketing strategy incorporates multiple streams of income, if one company no longer meets my goals, I can shift gears and replace it seamlessly.

Take a close look. It might be time for you, too, to move to affiliate marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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