Daily Activities For Network Marketing Success – Top 5

In this blog post, I will share the 5 daily activities that are critical for network marketing success.

These are the tasks you must do every day, no matter what network marketing business you are in. They are essential whether you are just getting started in the industry, or you already have a substantial team.

Daily activities for network marketing success

I will share these daily activities in what I feel is their order of importance. And yes, they are all important. However, if I had all 5 to do today, this is the order I would tackle them in.

Daily activities for network marketing success

First on the list is following up when a team member reaches out for help. Not just because it’s the right thing to do. I tell people when you join our team, I will help you personally. But also because your long term income depends on it.

You make significant long term income in network marketing by helping your team have long term success.

When a team member reaches out, it is important that I leverage my time.

So rather than spend 15 minutes explaining something, I direct them to one of our tools. Our team has an excellent training web site.

Usually, I will refer them to a video that answers their question. This leverages my time and teaches them to do the same thing when they follow up.

Next on my list of daily activities for network marketing success is following up with prospects.

Prompt follow up is essential. Don’t make it easy for a prospect to decide to go to Google and search for another sponsor. Mark my words. It happens all the time.

Third on the list of daily activities is lead generating tasks like creating YouTube videos or blog posts. I do these activities almost every day. But, I only do them after my followups are done. That’s right. Follow ups are even more critical than generating leads.

The fourth daily activity is updating my existing content. I constantly monitor things like email performance and landing page conversion. When necessary, I make changes to them. It’s all part of my strategy to make money faster and easier

The final daily activity for network marketing success is furthering my education. I’m always on the hunt for new strategies, additional product knowledge, and more. And while this is important, it is always at the bottom of my list.

Watch out for this with new team members

One thing I’ve seen over the years is that these last 2 activities are where many new network marketers get in trouble. They tend to put these at the top of their list. Keep an eye out for that. Get new people into action and help the learn while they earn.

I hope this helps you have more success in your network marketing business. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I always enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

And I encourage you to learn more about working with me

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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