Duplication Is Major Key To Success In Online Marketing

The tremendous success enjoyed by people all over the world in online marketing is due in a large part to duplication.

Duplication is the process where new business partners copy exactly the effective actions of the leaders of the team. Each new team member copies or duplicates those same actions. This is what allows even people with no previous experience to have massive success in online marketing.

There are 2 keys to duplication in online marketing

1. The first key is enrolling coachable new business partners. So you need to accept the fact that not everyone is right for our industry, and be quick to disqualify those who do not fit. And just because someone is willing to sign up does not mean they are qualified for your business…or your time.

Learn to be very selective about who you spend your time with. It’s actually easy to do when you have enough good prospects looking at your business each day. That’s the secret…you need high-volume lead generation to be able to build your business the right way.

2. The other key is having a simple system everyone can copy consistently. Because it really doesn’t matter what you or I can do; it’s what everyone on the team can copy or duplicate that counts. The system must be effectively communicated and easy to understand. And no matter how effective and simple the system is, it needs to come with detailed training and support. Then all new team members need to do is copy what works. New business partners can be up and running on day 1!

Become a diligent student of duplication and you can create success in online marketing!

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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