Joe Barclay Returns to Online Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, I have returned to online marketing!

I first started out in the home business industry almost 30 years ago.

Old school network marketing was (and still is) tough! Meetings, phone calls, expensive start-ups, costly auto-ships, products that many times were bought only by those in the business. And of course, the dreaded warm market…bugging friends and neighbors. Who really wants to do that anyway?

Then Came Online Marketing

And everything changed. With the right online marketing system, I was able to drive massive amounts of traffic to a landing page (one-page website) that collected a name and phone number for me to follow up with on the phone. But systems were expensive and difficult for team members to set up. And in the earlier days, all the system really did was give me leads to call.

It worked. I had success. And by 2002, I no longer needed a full-time job.

But it was a lot of work. I was on the phone from early to late, day after day. It was difficult to find new people who had the time and determination to work a system like that. Looking back, I don’t blame them.

About 2 years ago, I was tired and tired of! I was burned out and left the industry. I shut down my blog, closed my autoresponder account, and left online marketing…never to come back again. Or so I thought.

But I always kept one eye on the industry. I’ve lost track of how many times someone approached me with their business. Some were folks I was in business with previously. Some knew of me. Most were complete strangers. But it was always the same old thing…just another shiny object. Not interested!

Then just recently I came across something different. Really different. The product made sense even if you weren’t in the business. It was a long-established company with a great comp plan. And most importantly, my future sponsor’s team had a real system. A simple online marketing system where you could do everything right from an app on your smartphone. And the system was 100% FREE!

You know the rest…I’m back in online marketing!

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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