More Leads Might Not Help Affiliate Marketing Success

In this video blog post I explain why generating more leads might not help affiliate marketing success and offer what you should look at instead.

More leads might not help affiliate marketing success

Over the years I have had a number of team members and coaching clients call and tell me their biggest problem is that they need more leads. But, many times, that’s just not the case.

And I know that may sound odd. Especially since I have preached what I call lead abundance for years. But, when I talk about lead abundance, I’m talking about fresh, top-quality, high-converting leads that come in on a daily basis. Preferably leads you have generated yourself. And then equally important, used properly.

So before you drop everything to focus on more lead generation, there are several things to check.

It’s all explained in this YouTube video:

I hope this video helps you understand why more leads might not help affiliate marketing success.

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