Network Marketing Recruiting Using Lifestyle – How And Why

Network marketing recruiting using lifestyle can be very effective. Consequently, I’ve used this strategy for many years now. Read on to learn why it is such a powerful way to build your business. Discover how you can take your lead generation and recruiting to new levels by promoting lifestyle.

Network marketing recruiting using lifestyle

First…just what is lifestyle? According to the Psychology Dictionary, lifestyle is the way in which a group or individual prefers to live. As a result, it then becomes characteristic of that group or person. Factors related to an individuals lifestyle include their behaviors, attitudes, interests and other factors.

Why network marketing recruiting using lifestyle is so effective

This type of recruiting targets what people really want! However, for many marketers, it may require a change in your mindset.

Traditionally, most network marketers have always lead with the money that can be made in their opportunity. Marketing of all kinds. For example, websites and landing pages, pay per click ads, email campaigns, etc. They all talk about the money. Company websites and replicated team websites do the same thing, too. Almost everyone talks about the money.

Here’s the point so many in network marketing miss. It’s not the money. What the money can provide is what your prospect is really seeking.

Above all, it’s the lifestyle, it’s the time freedom your prospects are after. Maybe it’s a dream house in a perfect location. Perhaps it’s luxury vacations and travel. Or a secure retirement that’s worry-free and fun. Or just being able to work from home with their kids by their side. It’s the dreams they are looking to fulfill. In short, the money is just the means to achieve those dreams.

So, stop focusing your marketing and recruiting efforts on the income that can be made in your network marketing company. Instead, promote the lifestyle that income can provide to your prospects.

Give yourself a competitive edge

I adopted that concept in my marketing several years ago. And I have had tremendous success with it. Likewise, you can give yourself a huge competitive advantage over other network marketers by doing the same. Start speaking in your prospects’ language. Brand yourself as the sponsor who can help people reach their dreams. Show prospects you really understand what they are seeking.

Shift your marketing focus. Stop concentrating on the income your network marketing opportunity can generate. Instead, promote the lifestyle that money can provide.

In conclusion, you can start enrolling more highly motivated network marketing prospects by focusing on recruiting using lifestyle.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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