Affiliate Marketing Sales Prevention – These 3 Mistakes Kill Business

In this blog post, I share what I like to call affiliate marketing sales prevention. Learn to avoid the 3 big mistakes that can quickly kill your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing sales prevention - mistakes that kill business.

These are mistakes I see made way too often when dealing with both prospects and team members. Learn to recognize these mistakes and how to replace them with effective activities. It is critical that you avoid affiliate marketing sales prevention.

Lack of proper follow up is the most common example of affiliate marketing sales prevention

I frequently see follow up fall short in 1 or more of 3 ways. The most common mistake is not following up in a timely manner. Equally bad for business is not following up as needed to address a situation or help solve a challenge. The worst example of how poor follow up hurts your affiliate marketing business is failing to follow up at all.

When you receive a contact from a prospect or team member, get in the habit of immediately moving that to the top of your to-do list.

Ridiculous and exaggerated claims hurt your business

We’ve all seen way too many claims about income and ease of building a business.

I strongly recommend avoiding income claims altogether. It’s way too easy to end up with compliance and legal problems. Exaggerated income claims only hurt business. People’s BS meters are way too good, anyway.

And exaggerations about how easy a business is are equally bad. I’m sick of the “we build it for you” nonsense. Affiliate marketing is simple, but it is not easy. It is a business. There is work to do.

Some marketers try to make it sound like all you have to do is join the business and sit back…once a month they will back the money truck up to your door and unload it.

Take the high road. Prospects will appreciate it in the long run. Tell them it is work, but show them a system that does most of the work for them.

Confusion has killed many affiliate marketing businesses

Everyone likes consistency!

If each time you email your team members, you recommend another great marketing tool, especially when you are including your affiliate link to it, you are really confusing them. And confusion has caused many people to struggle and quit.

It is equally bad for business when you constantly email your list, promoting yet another opportunity. Nothing will kill your credibility faster. If your business is so good, why are you promoting another one, anyway?

You can learn more about these mistakes in this YouTube video:

I hope this helps you avoid affiliate marketing sales prevention. Each of these 3 mistakes can easily be replaced with effective activities to grow your affiliate marketing business.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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