Evergreen Marketing Email Campaigns, Blog Posts, Videos, and Links

In this blog post you will learn the how and why of evergreen marketing. Discover strategies for evergreen email campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, videos, and links.

Evergreen marketing how and why for email, blogs, videos, and links.

If you are not familiar with the term, let me start by explaining what evergreen marketing is. I will also explain why it is an important strategy to learn and follow.

It is any kind of marketing that remains relevant for a long time. This strategy is particularly important in email marketing campaigns, blog posts, video marketing, landing pages, and links. The kinds of content that are posted regularly. And actually, the evergreen concept applies to all kinds of marketing.

When your content is evergreen, you can benefit from it on an ongoing basis. It stays relevant and effective long term.

How to keep content evergreen

To keep your content evergreen, you need to avoid certain things.

You need to avoid anything tied to time, dates, limited time offers, trends, and specific links. Stay away from anything that may become outdated. Watch out for facts that may change, seasonal and holiday offers, news and current events, and anything else that may become irrelevant. Your marketing content needs to make as much sense a year or 2 later as it does today.

Evergreen links can be a particular problem, especially in our industry. I never link to a company or product directly. Over my 30 years in the home business industry, I have changed primary programs several times. Additionally, my recommendations for particular products and services have changed for various reasons, too.

If I had linked directly to a company or service, I would have to find every link I ever published and update it when things changed. That could take a very long time!

Instead, for all of my links, I use Pretty Links. It is a WordPress plugin URL shortener that redirects the user to the page I want them to see. So, for example, when I want to share a link to my #1 recommended affiliate income stream, I use: www.JoeBarclay.com/simple instead of the direct link. An additional benefit is that Pretty Links also tracks clicks.

It’s simple to use. If I ever need to change a link it only takes seconds. I’ve used that particular link, www.JoeBarclay.com/simple for years. It is evergreen!

Pretty Links only works on WordPress. But, if you do not have a blog, there are a number of link shorteners available. Many are free to use.

3 big benefits of good evergreen marketing

The first benefit is that it can save you a lot of time by not needing to constantly update your content. This is particularly beneficial in the case of email marketing campaigns that can have many emails in a follow-up series. One of the things I like best about email marketing is that you can set up a campaign and let it run, if you do it correctly. I always use a broadcast or one-time blast email for content that is not evergreen.

The second benefit is that because your content stays relevant long-term, you can enjoy an increase in marketing results over the long haul. All good marketers are always looking for ways to get more form their marketing efforts.

And then the third benefit is that because your content remains relevant long-term, it can actually boost your search engine rankings.

I hope this post helps you take better advantage of evergreen marketing content.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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