Network Marketing Mentor Pet Peeves – Avoid These Bad Habits

In this blog post I will share a few of my network marketing mentor pet peeves. Over the years I’ve spent many hours coaching and mentoring team members. Helping others succeed has been a key part of my success. I enjoy the majority of the time I spend doing this. However, there are a few bad habits that really bug me and make it hard to justify mentoring some.

Avoid network marketing mentor pet peeves

One of the challenges of building a large team is always making efficient use of my time. Key to that is spending time mentoring the right people. I spend my time with people who are coachable, have clear goals, are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, and make efficient use of their time and mine. I have no tolerance for time-wasters. I’d rather spend the time helping someone else.

Typically, those I mentor have done their due diligence before joining our company, team, and me. In their very first coaching session, I help them establish realistic goals and make sure they understand that network marketing success takes long-term commitment and effort.

Unfortunately, I have developed a few of what I refer to as my network marketing mentor pet peeves from working with a very small percentage of people. These team members end up not qualifying for much of my time. I am not complaining. I share this list to help you do a better job of working with your mentor to maximize your success.

My 5 network marketing mentor pet peeves

Not showing up for appointments. Sure, things happen and life can get in the way. But, when a team member just doesn’t bother to keep a phone or online appointment, it drives me nuts!

Failing to copy what works. Part of our team’s success comes from sharing a proven system. Just follow the system rather than experimenting and trying to “re-invent the wheel”.

Asking for answers they already have. For example, just last week a guy called with questions about our message marketing strategy, even though I had given him the swipe file with all of the information the day before.

Not putting in the effort. Even though network marketing is simple, it is still work. Without putting in diligent effort, you can not expect to succeed.

Not having thick enough skin. Like all businesses, there will be challenges. Many people will tell you ”NO”. You must be able to get past it.

I only have so much time. These bad habits make it difficult to spend time mentoring some. Please learn to not be one of them. People disqualify themselves for my time if they are continually guilty of the network marketing mentor pet peeves.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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