Network Marketing Phone Leads Are Obsolete – Discover A Better Option

Network marketing phone leads are obsolete! I know I will take some flack for saying it. But in this post, I’ll explain why I feel that way and offer a better option for building your network marketing business.

network marketing phone leads

Going back a decade or two, I relied heavily on phone leads to build my network marketing business. In fact, I spent all day calling leads. Living in the Eastern time zone of the U.S., I would start dialing at 10 am with my leads sorted by time zones. Most days I would “dial and smile” until around 11pm.

Full-time network marketing was almost like having a job. It was a grind. But, I was good at telephone prospecting, and it worked…at least for me.

In addition to the leads I generated myself, I spent a small fortune purchasing leads each month. I dealt with a number of lead companies. Some of the leads I purchased were actually good. Too many of the leads were not. Many leads were absolute trash. Purchased leads were never as effective as leads I generated myself.

Prospecting was a numbers game so I kept charging ahead. In fact, I became known as a top enroller in my company using that strategy. Even back then though, there were a few big flaws in the process.

Fast forward to today…

Calling network marketing phone leads is an outmoded way to build your business!

Today it’s even more difficult to build a networking business that way, for a number of reasons. As a result, I do not recommend the strategy to our team. And I no longer call network marketing phone leads myself.

Duplication is one of the keys to building a large team in our industry. For effective duplication, everyone on the team needs to copy the exact same processes. Telephoning leads is something the majority of people do not like to do. Many people who join your team will just not to it at all.

Moreover, only a fraction of the few who will try calling leads get really good at it.

Even years ago when telephone prospecting was my main strategy, I had to recruit big numbers just to stay ahead of the attrition it caused. It’s just not a duplicatable strategy.

Just like it was years ago, buying and calling leads is expensive and time-consuming. Lead quality will always be one of the big challenges. And in recent years, I am convinced that people answer their phone far less than they used to. Everyone has caller ID now. If the prospect you call does not recognize your name and phone number (and they won’t), they usually will not pick up. Leaving voicemail messages all day will not get you far!

All of this leads to a tremendous amount of rejection. Rejection is one of biggest reasons people quit network marketing.

You must learn to generate leads

A far better option for building your business is to generate leads yourself. If you do choose to call your prospects, they are much more likely to recognize your name, much more likely to talk with you.

Here’s a complete list building system you can use for free.

Build your list and grow a relationship with the people on your list by practicing attraction marketing. Get to where your subscribers know, like, and trust you. In time, you can have motivated prospects contacting you instead of you chasing them!

I encourage you to generate your own leads now that you know why network marketing phone leads are obsolete.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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