Whitelist Email Address – How and Why – Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and More

In this blog post, I will explain how to whitelist an email address and why it is important to do so. Whether you are sending an email or receiving one, this is information you need to know.

How and why to whitelist an email address.

So, what does it mean to whitelist an email? It is the actions you take to add an email address to an approved sender list. This helps prevent an email from that sender going to your spam folder.

If you are the recipient of the email it is important because it helps you get the information. It will save having to remember to look through your spam folder for an email you were expecting. Whitelisting tells your email service provider you want to receive email from that sender. Those emails will go to your inbox rather than spam folder.

If you are the sender of the email it is important because it helps your information make it to your reader’s inbox. Email deliverability is one of the most important skills for online marketers.

Part of good deliverability comes from following good email practices. Part of your emails making it to your subscriber’s inbox is whitelisting. To help with that, I encourage my subscribers to whitelist my email address when they subscribe, so they do not miss any important information or updates.

Although it is simple and quick to do, I have found that many subscribers do not whitelist my email because they have not been shown how to do it. Here are whitelisting instructions for Gmail, Yahoo, and more.

How to whitelist email address if using Gmail

I’ll start with Gmail instructions as it seems to be the most common email on my list. It is simple to whitelist an email address if you are using Gmail. Once done, all email from that address will be whitelisted in the future. I’ve included a few pictures for clarification.

Follow these steps if using Gmail:

Login to your Gmail account.
Click the settings icon in upper right corner (looks like a gear)
Click on See All Settings
Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses at top
Click on Create a new filter
Enter the from email address you are whitelisting

Filter Gmail email

Click on create filter
Select Never send it to Spam

Mark as not spam

Click Create filter

It’s easy for Yahoo email users also

In fact, I find it even easier than Gmail!

Follow these steps to whitelist if using Yahoo email:

Login to your Yahoo email.
Click the settings icon in upper right corner (looks like a gear)
Click on More Settings
Select Filters then select Add new filters

Add Yahoo filter

Enter the from email address you are whitelisting
Under Choose a folder to move to, Select Inbox
Click Save

Outlook and other email service providers have similar procedures

A quick search online will provide the exact steps to follow.

I hope this helps you whether you are an email sender or receiver. If you are an email marketer, feel free to link to this page to help your subscribers whitelist your email address.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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