Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing – Which Is Right For You?

Are you trying to choose between affiliate marketing or network marketing? It can be a tough decision as they are both proven business models. In this blog post, I will explain each of them and their pros and cons.

Choosing affiliate marketing or network marketing can be a tough decision

I have been in the home business industry for over 3 decades. And have been fortunate enough to have been able to make my living as a full-time online marketer. I have built successful businesses in both network marketing and affiliate marketing companies.

Both business models have their place. Some people will find they are more right for one or the other. Many people successfully work both types of businesses and even use one to compliment the other.

Should YOU choose affiliate marketing or network marketing?

While both business models have many things in common, there are a few major differences you should be aware of.

Network marketing is the business model where I have spent the most time. It has been good to me. I have learned a lot from it. I made a lot of money and met many good friends in network marketing. For several years we drove the BMW automobile I earned as a bonus in a previous company. Bottom line, Barbara and I enjoyed the lifestyle it provided.

People are drawn to network marketing for the monthly income and long-term residual income potential that can result from the power of a good company, system, and leverage.

But network marketing can be a grind. For years, I have taught prospects and team members alike, that it is simple, but it is not easy! Even when you use online systems to build your network marketing business, it still takes a lot of time and hard work. And one of the big lies that you need to be aware of is that many of the people who start a network marketing business never achieve success.

Team-building is key

Achieving massive success in network marketing depends on you building a large and successful team. You must get a kick out of seeing others succeed. The top earners have always focused on team work.

As a result, building a successful network marketing business feels more personal. The down side of that is that no matter how good you are, the majority of people will still say no. Rejection can be brutal for some. Moreover, attrition is an ongoing battle as a certain number of people will always quit.

One final point, over the years, a number of network marketing companies have gone under. If that was your primary income, you were in a tough spot! Most successful networkers focused on one business only.

Affiliate marketing is where you sell a product or service for someone else and receive a commission. The emphasis is more on marketing than team-building. Typically it is lower cost, lower risk.

Most find it easier

I find affiliate marketing is simple also. But I also find it is easier for most. With well-designed sales funnels and good training, almost anyone can have success, even if they do not have previous marketing experience.

In affiliate marketing, there is less of the personal touch, less of the “rah rah”. However, it can provide the same income potential. Many affiliate programs have residual income, too. Recently I wrote a review on the affiliate marketing business I recommend to beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

It is common for successful affiliate marketers to build multiple businesses. The list you build and maintain for one will usually be good for another. I teach people to focus on building their list. A big benefit to this approach is that you will never worry about your primary business failing and shutting down. If one affiliate program no longer meets your needs, it is quick and easy to replace it.

I trust you are now better prepared to make a choice between affiliate marketing or network marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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