Financial Freedom Mentor And Coach Joe Barclay – Work With Me

Would you like to work directly with financial freedom mentor and coach Joe Barclay and take the fast track to time and money freedom?

Financial freedom mentor Joe Barclay

We are always looking for motivated and coachable new business partners to join our team.

Your previous experience does not matter. If you are absolutely serious about achieving time and financial freedom and if you are willing to copy exactly a proven system we will share with you, we are probably right for each other.

Joe Barclay will be your personal financial freedom mentor and coach

I will show you exactly how to create an almost immediate change in your financial health. How to leverage a significant lifetime residual income too. Plus how to create the time freedom to enjoy it!

Whether you are looking for an extra few hundred dollars per month or a full-time replacement income, our company and simple marketing system can be the answer.

And speaking of our team’s marketing system…

It has everything. No need to buy websites, landing pages, sales funnels, autoresponders, training, or other sales tools. Our free system has it all. I’ve lost track of how many thousands of dollars I’ve spent on systems and tools to build a business over the years.

Having been in the home business industry for over 30 years, I’ve seen just about every opportunity, product, comp plan, and marketing system. It’s given me a very clear idea of what I want and what I can best use to help my team and I have massive success building a business online.

Here are key benefits to my company and why it might be right for YOU too:

  • Global business with vision, leadership, and track record of success (I avoid start-ups).
  • Product line that is cutting edge, high demand, and price-competitive.
  • Lucrative compensation plan that works for everyday people not just superstars.
  • Multiple streams of income for immediate cash flow and long-term residual income too.
  • See results fast…many times in 24 hours or less.
  • Complete, ready-to-use marketing system included makes it beginner simple.
  • Excellent community and support.

But more importantly, when we team up, I will become your personal mentor. Even more critical to your success than the company you choose to build is the system you will use to build that business and the mentor who will show you the way.

Entrepreneur, in an article titled “7 Reasons you Need a Mentor For Entrepreneurial Success“, states that you are more likely to succeed with a mentor. In fact, many big name success stories had good mentors. I can not over emphasize how important mentoring and coaching is!

When you join our team, I will share with you a ready-to-copy system. You can eliminate the learning curve and be up and running today! All you have to do is copy what works to take the fast track to success!

But here’s the thing…I do not work personally with just anyone

I spend tremendous time and effort coaching and mentoring team members. If I can help them have more success, I enjoy more success too!

However, I only have so much time. So it is essential that people I work with personally are a good fit for our team and business. So here is the kind of person I am looking for:

  • 100% coachable and willing to copy what works
  • Have clear goals
  • Driven to reach YOUR goals
  • Have the “do whatever it takes” attitude
  • Enjoy celebrating the success of others

If that sounds like you, I invite you to reach me through my Contact page. Let me know what your goals are. Tell me what your background is, and why you would be a good fit to work directly with me. I will be in touch promptly.

Your financial freedom mentor,

Joe Barclay