Network Marketing Negative Words – Discover Better Alternatives

Using 3 network marketing negative words can greatly reduce your success in recruiting and team building. In this blog post I’ll reveal the 3 words to avoid using in your network marketing business and offer better alternatives.

network marketing negative words

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I am kind of a fanatic about testing. I am always looking for a way to get better results from my leads, landing pages, blog posts, solo ads, follow up emails, and more. I encourage you to keep good records and do the same in all of your marketing.

One of the things I’ve been surprised by is how much of a difference it makes to eliminate just a few common words from my network marketing vocabulary. I really wouldn’t believe the difference it could make if I had not been keeping good records and constantly testing.

Network marketing negative words haunt you in marketing, recruiting, and training

Here are the 3 words I’ve found to have the biggest negative impact on my success…

I avoid using MLM or its namesake, multi level marketing at all costs. It just triggers too many negative responses. Using it greatly increases the frequency of getting the objection “isn’t this a pyramid?” And even though our team is trained to handle that objection seamlessly, why encourage it. Instead, talk about network marketing. It’s a profession. You can be proud to be part of it.

Do not talk about your genealogy. I think people associate it with drawing circles on the board at the hotel meeting or on your notepad at Starbucks. You know…the old you get 10, she gets , he gets 10…and so on. Yeah, right. No one really cares about your genealogy. No one wants to be part of it. Use the word team instead. Everyone you are looking for wants to be part of a team.

I’ve stopped using the word presentation. When one of my mentors, Jenna, first mentioned using an alternative, I was surprised. But I’ve tested in on landing pages and in emails. It is a negative. Probably because people associate it with the dreaded hotel meeting or home party. Instead of directing prospects to a presentation, I invite them to take our online tour. It’s very non-threatening. Everyone can be comfortable offering a prospect an online tour.

Position yourself for more success by using better alternatives for network marketing negative words.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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