SMS Text Marketing Made Easy – 3 Necessary Elements

SMS text marketing can be easy. In this blog post, I will demonstrate the 3 elements needed for massive success with text message marketing.

SMS text marketing can be easy

So, what is SMS text message marketing. It is sending a text message to generate leads or follow up with prospects. You will see both terms used – text and sms. They are actually the same thing. SMS stands for short message service.

I think of SMS as the modern-day version of email marketing. And it can be far more effective. One of the things I like best is that text messages are read almost immediately, from wherever anyone happens to be. I frequently see results in just minutes!

Texting can be a great new way to build your affiliate marketing or network marketing business. It’s simple, affordable, and gets results fast.

For successful text marketing, you only need 3 elements:

A list of names and phone numbers
A powerful text message
A system to send the messages out

Watch this YouTube video as I demonstrate my message marketing strategy. You can look over my shoulder as I create and run a text message campaign promoting my #1 recommended affiliate marketing income stream.

This technique is a big part of what helps me be on the leaderboard of my company each week.

I hope this helps you be more effective with SMS text message marketing.

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To your success,

Joe Barclay

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