Affiliate Marketing Helps Network Marketing – Learn How

Wondering how affiliate marketing helps network marketing? In this post I will explain what affiliate marketing is, how it compliments my network marketing business, and how it can do the same for you.

Affiliate marketing helps network marketing

I started network marketing almost 30 years ago. Over half of those years were on a full-time basis. It is my favorite home business model. Over the years I’ve learned a lot, made a lot of money, and met many fascinating people thanks to the industry.

I’ve seen people from all walks of life meet their income goals (and dreams) in network marketing. With the right opportunity and following the right system, everyday people can create almost immediate cash flow and long-term residual income too.

Network marketing is not for everyone. For many it becomes a real grind. And too many people never achieve real success. And that’s where affiliate marketing helps. It can be the ideal business model for many who are not right for network marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote and sell a product or service for someone else and receive a commission.

Here’s how affiliate marketing helps network marketing in my business

Affiliate marketing provides a way for me to do business with and build a relationship with those who are not a good fit for my network marketing business. It helps me to monetize those leads I’ve spent the time and money to generate. And occasionally, down the road, those prospects circumstances change to where they are now right for network marketing too.

There is little risk

Typically, affiliate marketing programs are free or low cost to start. And unlike network marketing companies, there are no big monthly auto-ships. In fact there are typically no purchase requirements at all. Many times the upfront investment to start a good network marketing business is the major obstacle for people. Here’s a business model for those with very limited resources.

And unlike in network marketing, you never have to worry about your main business falling apart. As an affiliate marketer, if one company no longer meets your goals, you can shift gears and replace it seamlessly.

Affiliate marketing is simple and lucrative

Affiliate marketing is super-simple. Thanks to well-designed sales funnels and their automation, almost anyone can have success, even without previous experience. And unlike network marketing, there is no team building, mentoring, or training to do. And there are no products to handle. Lead generation is your most important task.

Because of affiliate marketing’s strong commissions, ability to provide multiple streams of income, and recurring income too, it provides a means for people to meet an income goal.

Many times a good affiliate marketing opportunity or service can be used to promote network marketing. Doing so not only helps build your networking business, but creates an additional income stream too. Plus it’s one more way to build your list and work on a relationship with with like-minded people.

Even if you are already a successful network marketer, you can enjoy more success in your business now that you know how affiliate marketing helps network marketing

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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