SMS Phone Leads – Great System With 1 Major Flaw

SMS Phone Leads is a great system. I use it myself and recommend it to our team. However, there is one major flaw you need to be aware of before you decide to sign up for it. I’ll explain that and more in this review.

sms phone leads

SMS Phone Leads is both a marketing system and affiliate income opportunity

It is a powerful and unique marketing system that can be use to promote literally anything, in addition to itself. Using the system, you can generate a large volume of leads and be able to call and text those leads too. This is a simple and effective solution to the major challenge facing network marketers.

SMS Phone Leads creator and owner is Tim Berger. He is a a sharp marketer and very customer oriented. When I emailed a question, his reply was prompt. That is refreshing!

Tim has designed a new, high-converting 2 step sales funnel that collects a prospect’s name, email address, and cell phone number. The system then calls and texts the new prospect to begin building a relationship with you. From there, you can direct the new prospect to any link you choose. You can even personalize the funnel and connect your autoresponder to it.

All for a one-time cost of only $37!

The real benefit is the marketing system

The marketing system is what really drew me to SMS Phone Leads. But it also has an excellent affiliate income opportunity too. You get paid 100% of the $37 for each new sign up on your website. You can also collect 100% of an optional $10 upsell, plus 50% commission on additional upsells including monthly residuals.

Tim has included some attractive bonuses also, including an sms voicemail system and interactive phone funnel. Again, all for only $37 one-time.

Go here now to learn more and get your own system.

One major flaw you need to be aware of

SMS Phone Leads only pays its affiliates via Stripe. I have no problem with Stripe. It seems to be an excellent company. However, everyone who applies will not be approved for a new Stripe account. And some members Stripe accounts will end up being canceled. Hopefully Tim will come up with an additional payment processor. But again, the marketing system is the real benefit.

If you are looking for a good affiliate income opportunity and an even better marketing system, check out SMS Phone Leads.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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