Affordable Sales Funnel Builder – Even Create Effective Funnels For Free

An affordable sales funnel builder does exist. In this blog post I will share my findings on several sales funnel creators. I’ll reveal the funnel builder I use and even show you how you can create effective sales funnels for free.

affordable sales funnel builder

First, a little information about sales funnels. A sales funnel is a marketing system that leads a pool of potential prospects or leads into becoming a customer, business partner, or whatever the end goal is. One of the most popular online and network marketing blog topics for years has been lead generation and follow up. It’s where everything starts.

The typical sales funnel begins with a landing page that all traffic is directed to. It is a one page website. It’s purpose is to collect the desired prospect contact information such as name and email address for follow-up. This is referred to as opting in.

After opting in, the prospect is redirected to another web page. It may be the actual sales page or it may be a bridge page with additional information prior to being directed to the sales page. At the same time the prospect’s contact information goes into an autoresponder.

The autoresponder is the software that maintains your mailing list and sends follow up emails to your contacts. This is the real benefit of using a sales funnel rather than just promoting a sales page directly. These follow up emails help build a relationship with the contact in addition to directing them back to the sales page. Multiple exposures are far more effective than just one visit to a sales page.

There are a number of sales funnel builders to choose from. Some of the more common names are ClickFunnels and GetResponse. All of the builders I have examined are capable of creating effective funnels. Some seem more difficult to use than others. But for many marketers, the cost will be the big concern. Pricing on many builders ranges from a little costly, to just plain expensive.

But there is another option…

I found a very affordable sales funnel builder

It is LeadsLeap. I have been using it for about 6 months and love it. You can read my complete LeadsLeap Review to learn about even more than the sales funnel builder feature.

LeadsLeap includes a simple-to-use landing page builder. Even marketers without any web experience can create attractive and effective landing pages in short order using it.

It has a full featured and easy to use built-in autoresponder called SendSteed. You can send campaign and blast emails. It includes tracking. What I really like is the deliverability. A good percentage of SendSteed emails make the prospect’s inbox.

But what I like best about LeadsLeap is its pricing. It is only $27 per month for what they call the Pro version. And they offer a slightly scaled down version for free! Check it out by going here to join LeadsLeap for free.

I encourage you to check out LeadsLeap. It is what I have found to be the most affordable sales funnel builder.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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