Converting Network Marketing Prospects – How To Enroll More

Converting network marketing prospects is one of the most important skills a networker can develop. In this blog post I will share how you can enroll more customers and business partners or distributors by improving your conversion rates.

converting network marketing prospects

Converting network marketing prospects is all of the things you do to guide a prospect or lead into joining your business as a customer or distributor. It is a critical skill to master. It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you do not convert a good percentage of them. Mastering conversion is what takes strong lead generation strategies to strong enrolling results.

Converting network marketing prospects starts with the right lead generation strategies

The leads you generate must be the right kind of people to be able to enroll big numbers. Frequently, when I am working with team members or coaching clients, I find that low conversion rates trace back to improper lead generation.

Everyone is not a good fit for network marketing. Have a clear idea of what kind of person you are looking for. I find it is critical that a prospect be coachable, goal oriented, and enjoy seeing the success of others. That’s a description that fits all successful people in our industry. Those are the kind of people who “get it” and are ready to move ahead and team up with us. They almost convert themselves.

If you find you are spending time trying to persuade or convince prospects to get them to enroll, start by looking at your lead generation strategy.

Our team is big on attraction marketing. I find that leads generated that way convert significantly better. I’ve taken the time to build a relationship with them. I’ve shown them that I am the kind of leader, mentor, and coach they are looking for. Learn to promote YOU rather than your business. You will enroll far more people.

Some businesses and business models convert better than others

I find that today prospects are more selective than ever when picking a business to build. This is one more reason to focus on branding and promoting YOU rather than your business. I’ve had people ready to enroll with me without knowing much about my business. They are joining me. Those are easy conversions.

The business you are trying to build has to be an excellent business model. There is a lot of junk out there today. I’m always amazed when someone asks why they are having difficulty converting network marketing prospects into something that just doesn’t make sense. You see it all the time…schlock marketing materials and strategies, ridiculous income claims, grossly overpriced products, and stuff that just reeks of pyramid. Who really wants to build these anyway?

Ease of conversion really should not always be thought of as a price issue. Over the years I’ve found more expensive network marketing business startups to be as easy and maybe easier to convert leads into if everything makes sense. You have to have the right follow up system.

It all comes down to the follow up system

This is really the key! Whether you are building your business online or offline, the follow up system is what drives converting network marketing prospects. If you have done your homework and joined a good business and team, then you have a good system to follow. Follow it exactly. Do not make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel.

You must be using an excellent sales funnel if you are trying to build your business online. It will help you enroll more business partners. Plus, it will show your potential distributors that you have a way they can copy what you do. A key factor leads look at before enrolling is knowing there is a proven system for them to enroll prospects too. This can further increase conversions.

Whether you build your business online or off, what makes the follow up system so critical is the multiple exposures to you and your business it provides the prospect. People rarely make a decision the first time they look at something. Additionally, the follow up helps build a relationship with leads. Our industry really is all about relationships.

I hope this post helps you be far more successful in your business by doing a better job of converting network marketing prospects

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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