Distributors Quit Network Marketing – What To Do, What Not To Do

Distributors quit network marketing, what should you do? In this blog post, I’ll share the things I do and the one thing I never do when people talk about quitting.

distributors quit network marketing

No matter how hard you try, team members will still quit. It’s a given. According to the FTC, a minimum of 50% of distributors drop out within a year of starting. While that number is very disturbing, it is an average. Fortunately, serious network marketers who treat the business as a profession, do not obtain only average results.

If you understand the reasons distributors quit network marketing, you can minimize the attrition. The key is to be proactive and set new team members up for success.

2 main reasons distributors quit network marketing

After 30 plus years in the industry, I am convinced that these are the 2 main reasons people quit:

Unrealistic expectations. Either because they did not perform their research carefully and/or they were led astray, too many people join with unrealistic expectations about the industry, how much money they can make, or how much time the business will require. Additionally, many people are just not right for network marketing to begin with. No wonder they quit.

Typically, these new distributors are enrolled by someone more interested in getting a sign-up than building a successful team. Network marketing professionals do not do that!

Not meeting time and money goals. If a new distributor has joined a good business and team and their goals were realistic but not met, it can only come down to 2 things. Either the team member was not coachable and diligent about following the team’s system, and/or he or she did not put in the necessary effort. One of the great things about network marketing is, if you join a good team, all you have to do is put in the time and copy what works. Network marketing is simple…even though it is not easy.

I try hard not to enroll new team members with unrealistic expectations. It just wastes my time. When necessary, I will tell a prospect that I do not think we are a good fit for each other at the present time. My focus is always on building a long-term, successful team, rather than on getting an enrollment today.

As for a business partner not meeting their goals, I ask them to review a few simple metrics. How much time you spend on the business? The number of leads have you generated in the past week? And how many of your prospects have taken our online tour this week? The answers to those 3 questions usually make clear where the problem is.

From there, it is up to them. They can either re-focus and commit to success…or quit!

One thing to never do when someone talks about quitting…

The one thing I never do when a team member talks about quitting, is try to change their mind and convince them to stay. It’s like the old saying, “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”. If you talk them out of quitting today, they will quit the next time they hit a bump in the road too, and you will be right back where you started. They become brutal time-wasters.

I leave it up to them and I go on building my business. If they do quit, I don’t dwell on it. I just find someone better to take their place.

I hope this helps you be better prepared for when distributors quit network marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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