Network Marketing Excuses Vs. Objections – How To Handle And Overcome Each

Network marketing excuses vs. objections. They are different. Learn how to handle and overcome each as you build your MLM network marketing business.

network marketing excuses vs. objections

Know the difference between network marketing excuses vs. objections

Excuses in network marketing are just that. They are the reason a prospect offers you to justify their decision to say NO to your opportunity. They are an easy way out for them. In the prospect’s mind, it’s discussion over.

Objections, on the other hand, are questions or concerns that a prospect has. From my point of view, when a prospect has on objection, they are really asking for more information. It is definitely not discussion over. In fact, in most cases, if a prospect has not brought up at least one objection, I am concerned about their level of interest.

As you will see in a minute, depending on how it’s phrased, what at first sounds like an excuse could actually be an objection. You need to know the difference between the two to be best able to handle and overcome them.

The most common network marketing excuses

Here are some of the most common network marketing excuses offered. In most cases, these prospects are not a good fit for your business. Don’t waste your time trying to convince them. Thank them for their time and move on. When you do manage to enroll one of them, they are the first to quit.

Isn’t this a pyramid? This is probably the most ignorant excuse of all. Clearly, any prospect who offers this excuse has not done their homework. They are immediately disqualified.

I don’t have the money to get started. Over the years I’ve found that the right kind of prospect will always find a way around the money issue. People must not be serious about creating a better future if they use this excuse.

I’m not good with people. Fair enough. If they really feel that way, this is not for them. Network marketing is all about relationships. They need to go get a job.

My friend / relative tried it and it didn’t work. So what? They were not on our team. They did not receive our training and mentoring. Maybe they didn’t even put in any effort.

I’m too busy. This is the one that can go either way, depending on how the prospect presents it. If they just say I’m too busy. Fine. That’s their excuse. Goodbye.

If you are getting a lot of excuses, you need to review your marketing and lead generation strategy

As I progressed in my network marketing career, I got fewer and fewer excuses from prospects. Today, I rarely get them at all.

I’ve spent years focusing on branding and promoting ME rather than the opportunity. The bulk of my leads are people who have sought me out, rather than me chasing them. I proudly promote the fact that I am in network marketing, rather than keep it a secret until later in a presentation. There are no surprises for my prospects.

I also try hard to attract the right kind of person. I’m always looking for professionals, career minded people, and people with previous experience in network marketing.

If your lead generation depends on free traffic exchanges, spammy text messages, and other “hobby” type marketing techniques, you can’t help but get a higher percentage of excuse makers on your list.

Common objections and how to overcome them

The most common objections we get in network marketing seem to relate to needing more information regarding 3 main topics: time, money, and marketing. Again, I view these objections as requests for more information, not as excuses. They are an opportunity to provide the information that moves someone from prospect to team member. Learn to welcome objections from your prospects.

Variations of I’m not sure I have time. This is far and away the most common objection. And it always gets me because I like to look for busy people as they are the ones who get things done.

Questions about money to get started. This is a business. There will be expenses. Prospects know and understand this.

Objections like: I’m not good at sales or Where will I find people? These are just requests for more information on your marketing system.

The big difference in handling network marketing excuses vs. objections is that excuses end the conversation while objections call for more conversation. Overcoming objections is a skill you must master. I still use and train our team on the old feel, felt, found approach…I understand how you feel, I felt the same way, Here’s what I found.

How to overcome network marketing objections

Here are some examples of how you might overcome these objections:

On the time objections: I know how you feel. I felt the same way. But here’s what I found. If I turned off the television for a few hours a week, I could build my business without adding any time to my week.

For the money objections: I know how you feel. I felt the same way. But here’s what I found. If we eliminated dinners out for a couple months we could get our business going without impacting our household budget.

Or for the finding people objections: I know how you feel. I felt the same way. But here’s what I found. Using the team’s online marketing system brings me a daily flow of good prospects. That’s how you and I got together!

It is important that you take the approach of helping prospects get the information they need rather than trying to convince them to sign up. Let them know you are glad they asked the question. Two keys that really help here are never being hooked on any one prospect joining your team and always having an abundance of daily fresh leads coming in.

Stay relaxed, give them the additional information they need, and ask the closing question. If they have more than one objection, it’s just rinse and repeat… give them the additional information they need, and ask the closing question again.

Now that you know the difference between network marketing excuses vs. objections and how to overcome each, you will be positioned to have more success building your network marketing business.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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