Paid Traffic – Stop Wasting Money For Network Marketing Leads

Buying paid traffic is a lead generation strategy many in online and network marketing rely on. While it can be a terrific source of quality traffic, you can also waste a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing.

paid traffic for network marketing leads

Paid traffic is just like the name says…you pay someone else to get traffic to your website (landing page). There are many kinds you can buy: banner ads and pay per click campaigns being the most common. I have personally used solo ads for years. The newest source of paid traffic is text message marketing.

Paid traffic can have major benefits

The most attractive benefit to me is that you can get results almost immediately (the same day). Compare this to the long-haul process of getting what’s referred to as “organic traffic” to a blog or website. I’ve enjoyed SEO (search engine optimization) traffic at my blogs for years. But the truth is, it can take months to see real results if you are launching a new blog or website. And if you are starting a business, you can’t wait that long for traffic.

The other major benefit I like is that with careful planning, you can target your advertising message to the audience you are really looking for.

And there are several potential drawbacks to paid traffic you need to be aware of also. The major one is that you can waste a lot of money fast! Other drawbacks include taking momentum away from the business when you don’t get the results you hoped for, disappointment, and even totally ruining the enthusiasm of a new business partner.

Rely on sound advice when it comes to buying traffic

If you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing and you have a sponsor or team to work with, follow their advice. They are the ones who truly care about your success. If you are in the process of selecting (or re-selecting) a business, the team and sponsor you choose and their marketing system including traffic sources should be a key part of your decision.

Unfortunately, many traffic vendors are only looking for a sale today as their product does not justify repeat business. Trust me…I’ve used many vendors one time only. It’s sad how many paid traffic sources are a total waste of money. Reasons for failure range from poor list quality to outright fraudulent clicks on pay per click campaigns.

Constant testing is critical

If you have to find your own sources of paid traffic, you will want to buy small quantities, test carefully, and keep accurate records of results. I always buy the smallest quantity of clicks or traffic available when I test a new vendor. If I’m going to get burned, it’s going to be for a small amount of money.

I let the vendor know I am looking for a new source of traffic for our team and if their results are good, we will be back for many more orders. If it involves writing an ad, I always have them write it. They know their audience. The results I get are up to them. This is a test!

I keep track of results by calculating the cost per opt-in and cost per conversion (sign up in my business). These are the 2 figures that really matter. Keep tracking those figures even as you repeat buys with a particular vendor. You are always looking for the best buy for your advertising dollar.

I hope this helps you have success with paid traffic.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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