Network Marketing Easy Button – What I Found

Are you looking for the network marketing easy button? Many people are. It can be elusive.

So, in this blog post, I will share what I found out about it. And what I will share might not be what you are expecting to hear!

Network marketing easy button.

I first started network marketing over 30 years ago. And yes, that was before the Internet.

It was tough. Especially so in the beginning. But, I stuck at it. I learned. I copied the leaders. Worked really hard. And turned network marketing turned into my primary income. I haven’t worked a real full-time job in 20 years.

I love the home business industry and the network marketing profession. Not just for the money I can earn each week, but for the passive, recurring income too. It’s pretty cool to keep getting paid month after month.

And even better than the money, is the time freedom it has provided. I love being out skiing or boating while most of my friends and neighbors are at their jobs. Maybe someday they will catch on.

So, as you can tell, I’m all about making a nice income, enjoying time freedom, and doing it all in a simple way that requires minimal time.

I spent years searching for the network marketing easy button

You know, something where I could just join a business, pay my money, and push start. Then all I would have to do was sit back and watch the money roll in.

I knew the easy button was out there. I saw ads all the time telling me so. You still see them today.

I’m talking about things like…

We’ll build it for you.
Autopilot income.
We do all the work.
Just click a button to get paid.

And on and on.

Well, here’s what I’ve found. And I know it probably isn’t what you were hoping for.

There is no such thing as the easy button. Stop the BS!

Network marketing is a business. It is work. But, almost anyone can do it.

And I have found the next best thing. It’s a unique opportunity where you can make money fast and build residual income too.

Our team will give you your own sales funnel. You will have landing pages, sales pages, and pre-written emails to send out. You do not need to create anything.

We have terrific training. You will even learn how to generate a volume of high quality leads for free, every day.

I will be your personal mentor and coach.

It may be the next best thing to the network marketing easy button.

To learn more, visit my website at:

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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