Free eBook To Maximize List Building – How To Get Best Results

Using a free ebook to maximize list building is a strategy I have used for years. In this blog post, I will share how you can do the same thing, even if you do not have an ebook of your own to give away.

free ebook to maximize list building

In marketing, giving away a free ebook to maximize list building is referred to as an ethical bribe or lead magnet. It is a long-proven lead generation strategy used by marketing professionals in many industries. Face it, everyone likes to get free stuff!

Giving away a free ebook to maximize list building only works if the ebook has a high perceived value

Today, more than ever, people are very protective of their personal information. Before a prospect will fill out a form on a landing page and leave their contact information, they must feel comfortable and feel there is something in it for them. The ebook must look professional and offer high value in the niche the prospect is interested in. It must solve a prospect’s need.

If you do not have an ebook of your own and do not feel comfortable producing one, there are other options. You can use an ebook created by someone else. Google PLR or Private Label Rights ebooks. There are many ebooks in many fields available. Many of them you can even edit with your own name and website. However, this is not recommended!

Creating your own free ebook is actually easy… and very beneficial. It’s a must do!

First, the benefits. Creating your own ebook gives you total control. And more importantly, is an opportunity to brand and promote YOU! It is your chance to position yourself as a leader and expert even if you are fairly new in the industry. Done correctly, it is a powerful attraction marketing tool.

You do not need to be a veteran marketer to create an effective ebook. Many times beginning marketers will create an ebook on a topic they are learning. Just share real experiences. Again, the key is to provide value. Show your prospects how to solve a problem.

When writing your ebook, be concise rather than long-winded. Spell check it twice and ask someone else to read it for you. When you are done writing, convert it to a PDF. Most programs will do this on the fly. Google it if you need help converting to PDF.

The quality of the ebook graphic makes a huge difference in list building

The other thing you will need is a professional looking graphic of your ebook. Unless you are a skilled graphic artist, do not try to create it yourself. Fiverr is the home of many talented freelance graphic artists. Their work is prompt, top quality, and very reasonably priced. I’ve used artists on Fiverr many times with excellent results.

Once your ebook and graphic are complete, you are ready to construct a powerful landing page by offering the free ebook as an incentive for subscribing to your list. One tip that has made a big difference for me is to deliver the download link to the ebook by autoresponder email. Do not make the ebook available directly from the thank you page of your opt in form. Occasionally people will leave a bogus email address trying to get the ebook. While I want to distribute as many free ebooks as I can, my ultimate goal is lead generation and list building. Bogus email addresses are of zero value.

The free ebook offer only generates leads if you promote it

There are many ways to promote your free ebook to maximize list building. Market it like you would any other offer. I promote mine several ways. Over the years, a free ebook offer has led many excellent prospects to join our team and allow me to mentor them personally.

My free ebook offer is at the top of the sidebar on my blog. That puts it in a prime location on every page of my blog. I also promote it via a landing page. If you would like, you can go here to see the landing page I use.

I actually have three versions of this landing page I am testing. If you are serious about being a successful Internet marketer, you will constantly test all of your marketing too.

Now that you know how simple and effective it can be, I hope you will start using a free ebook to maximize list building in your business too.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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