Free Network Marketing Business Is Not A Good Primary Business – Here’s Why

Unfortunately, more and more marketers seem to be promoting some kind of free network marketing business. And that’s too bad because it limits your ability to grow a large team and earn a substantial long-term income. In this blog post I’ll explain the problem.

free network marketing business

I know I am going to offend a few people with this post. But I want beginning network marketers and those looking at getting into the industry to know the truth. Promoting a free network marketing business as your primary business is a bad idea!

But first, we need to differentiate between your primary network marketing business, a low-cost feeder program, and a freebie used to encourage optins to your list.

Feeder programs are deliberately low-priced or free. They are used to attract prospects to the industry, sell them on the concept, and lead them into your primary business. While they are not a primary income stream, a good feeder program can help a new networker earn the money needed to join and build a good primary business. I’ve used them for years. We include an excellent feeder program as part of our team’s system and training.

Freebies such as a free eBook or report can be a great tool to encourage people to opt in to your list. I’ve used these for years too. The freebie is just extra value and another way to brand and promote YOU. Again, not an income stream in itself.

But your primary network marketing business is another story.

A free network marketing business is a flawed business model

The flaw is that it is not likely to create substantial long-term income. Seriously…how can it? Where would the money come from?

You have to understand that the income in network marketing, the money paid to distributors, comes from the sale of the company’s product or service. That’s what makes it legal. That’s what makes it a successful business model.

I do not know of any super-successful network marketer who does not believe 100% in their product or service and use it themselves. How can you expect to successfully promote a product or service you don’t buy and consume yourself?

And the flawed business model is made worse by the fact that it attracts too many of the wrong kind of prospect…people with the free mentality.

The free mentality limits a person’s ability to thrive

The free mentality is when people believe everything should be free. People suffering from the free mentality are very unlikely to make the small investments that can lead to massive success in network marketing.

Those people are not likely to spend the few dollars a month to set up and maintain a network marketing blog (my primary business-building tool), the ultimate strategy for branding YOU.

They are unlikely to use any kind of paid advertising or online marketing system to build their business. They are typically the “hobby” business people who spend the day clicking away on free traffic exchanges or sending spam emails.

Worst of all, people with the free mentality are unwilling to buy and use the product or service they are trying to market.

And the problem gets compounded. In network marketing, people you bring into the business are going to copy what you do. If you don’t make these small investments to build your business, odds are the people you enroll will do likewise…and have the same level of success.

I hope you will think twice before you select a primary business. Don’t choose one that you promote as a free network marketing business.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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