Network Marketing Blog – How To Brand And Promote YOU

A network marketing blog is my favorite tool for attraction marketing. In this post, you will learn how to use a blog to brand and promote YOU.

network marketing blog

The network marketing blog is a tool every networker should have

The blog’s primary goal is to build relationships with prospects. To get people to know, like, and trust you. A good network marketing blog will show people you are an expert, a leader, and someone who can help them reach their goals. The kind of person they are looking to team up with!

A network marketing blog is simple to set up and maintain and very affordable.

The first thing you need is a domain name. A domain name is the address of your website or blog that people type into their browser to find you. Every serious network marketer should own the domain name of their name. It is the most powerful way I know of to brand and promote YOU!

For example, my domain name for this blog is I’ve had it almost since the beginning of the Internet. Domain names are cheap…less than $20 per year.

Next you will need hosting. Hosting is the service that maintains the server (space on the Internet) your blog will live on. You can buy good hosting for only a few dollars per month. Several online marketing systems provide a blogging platform as part of their package. However, I do not recommend this. You want a free standing blog with your own hosting.

After that, you will need to install WordPress on your site. WordPress is the free software that runs your blog. It is easy to use. You can install it quickly with no previous experience.

A theme is the next thing you will need. A theme is a package of files that control the layout and look of your blog. There are an endless number of good themes available for free.

The last thing you need before you start creating content for your blog is a header. This is the large graphic at the top of each page. I feel it is important to include your photo in the header to help with branding YOU.

Unless you are a skilled graphic artist, do not make the mistake of trying to create your own header. An amateur-looking page is the last thing you want. You can get top quality graphics made for a very low cost by using freelance artists on Fiverr. I’ve use them many times. Their work is excellent and satisfaction is guaranteed.

The content you create is what makes the network marketing blog work

There are a number of ways a good blog can be used to brand and promote YOU while building your list at the same time. My blog has become my primary tool for lead generation and list building. And again, I do it by promoting me…not the name of my company.

Blog content consists of pages, elements like the sidebar, and blog posts. Each of these is written to catch attention and provide information. SEO (search engine optimization) is a major factor in everything you create for your blog. However, SEO is a big enough topic it will be covered in a separate blog post.

Using this blog as an example, the pages I have created are a Home page, About Me, Contact Me, and Work With Me pages. All of the blog posts appear in order on yet another page. The sidebar is a column on the side of the page. It is a good place for a search box, maybe a few most recent posts, and some kind of opt in for lead generation.

You can dramatically increase your opt ins by offering a free ebook or report of high perceived value. If you do not have one of your own, search for PLR content. It will give you the right to rebrand the information and give it away. However, you should plan on creating your own info product as soon as you can.

Titles are critical

The titles you write may be the most important part of all content you create. I think of writing titles just like writing headlines to grab attention. Without good titles, no one finds your content, no one reads it. You have to learn to write good titles.

Remember to promote YOU…not your business

Because photos are such a powerful tool on a blog, you should use lots of them. I include a photo on every page or blog post. They are a great way to tell more about you and find common ground with those reading your blog. I’m always amazed at how often an email I receive will reference a photo. I frequently get something like…”I see you are into sailing. Me too!” or…”Nice wood shop. That’s one of my hobbies also.”

Some of the most popular and searched for blog posts are training information. They help other networkers solve a problem while branding you as an expert. Videos are excellent for that. It is easy to embed a YouTube video on a blog post or page.

Whatever the content, the focus is always on helping the reader, not pitching your business!

Now that you know how powerful it can be, I encourage you to start your own network marketing blog.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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