Network Marketing Feeder Programs – How To Select The Right One

Network marketing feeder programs have been around the industry for years. In this post, you will learn how to select the right one.

network marketing feeder programs

Feeder programs are simple, low-priced opportunities and systems used to attract new people to network marketing and then lead them into your primary business. I’ve used them for years. They are responsible for a large part of our team’s growth.

Network marketing feeder programs can be a powerful list building and relationship building tool

When used properly, a good feeder program allows networkers to attract a large number of quality prospects and build relationships with them. This is always a more effective strategy than just constantly pitching your business. We include a feeder program as part of our team’s system and training.

The right programs accomplish several goals. They help people new to our industry learn the basics of network marketing, especially lead generation and list building. While building the program, prospects can earn the money needed to join a primary opportunity (this can be a hurdle in many cases) and generate an income stream.

They have proven to be an effective way to build a good network marketing business faster and easier!

How to select the right one

There are many feeder programs today. Here are what I consider to be the essentials for the one you select.

  • Low cost or even free to join yet have high perceived value so it has mass appeal to prospects.
  • Based on an essential industry product like training or leads.
  • Creates posture for you by positioning YOU as someone who can help new people in the industry.
  • Provide residual income.
  • Very low learning curve. Plug and play system that can be put to work almost immediately.
  • High conversion rate.
  • Includes smooth transition to lead prospects into your primary business.

After several decades in the industry, I’ve looked at just about every feeder program. I have used several of them and have always made one part of my marketing strategy. I found a feeder program that meets all of the above requirements and produces excellent results. You can even get it for free!

Now that you know how to select the right one, I encourage you to start using network marketing feeder programs.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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