Outwork Other Networkers – Valuable Network Marketing Tip

One of the most valuable network marketing tips I can share is to outwork other networkers! I’ve offered this tip to seasoned veterans and brand new networkers alike. If your business is not moving ahead like you want, this may be just the tip you need.

Outwork other networkers

No matter what business you are building, sometimes you just need to work a little more than the others to achieve real success. And while I have offered this as a reminder to many experienced networkers, I find it’s biggest value is to the relatively new network marketer.

Many times new people in our industry get overwhelmed with what they think they need to learn to build a business. Unless they are working with a good team and mentor, and have a good system to copy, they don’t seem to get going on those things that matter most.

Other times it’s because they don’t put in the necessary effort…and that’s one of my pet peeves! And that’s too bad. Because if those networkers just focus on 3 key areas, and work diligently, success can be theirs.

Outwork other networkers in these key areas

Lead Generation. This is definitely the area where extra effort will pay off the most. In fact, those with the best daily flow of fresh, quality leads will usually enjoy the most success. Focus on lead generation methods that will bring leads fast. While blogging is my favorite lead generation strategy today, a new blog takes a long time to bring big results. We teach our new team members how to get excellent leads for free their very first day.

Follow-up. Generating the leads is only the first step in the process. Without diligent and effective follow up, it won’t matter. Fortunately, much of this can be automated. However, personal follow-up is where you can really outwork the competition. A personal phone call or text can make all the difference. Make it part of your daily routine.

Getting new business partners started right. Sadly, too many network marketers focus so much on lead generation and recruiting that they skimp on this step. Network marketing is all about team building and helping others be successful. The bulk of your check will come from doing it effectively. You want to put in the extra effort to be sure every new business partner gets started the right way.

Sometimes it means working harder. Other times it means working smarter. But, it really is something almost anyone can do. And it’s just one more network marketing tip that can bring massive results…outwork other networkers!

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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