Proven Solution To Rejection In Network Marketing

Rejection in network marketing is nothing new. For years it has been one of the biggest obstacles to success for new people. It seems to take the biggest toll when someone is brand new in their business and their enthusiasm is at its highest.

Rejection in network marketing

Rejection can come in many forms ranging from a polite “no, but thanks for sharing it with me” to outright rude, insulting, or sometimes even vulgar. Unfortunately, rejection from the people we know and love the most can sometimes be the most hurtful, even though that is usually not their intention.

Nobody likes rejection. Some can take more than others. Everyone has a limit. Rejection has caused many people to quit their new business before they’ve even given it a fair shot. In fact, I will go as far as to say rejection is one of the biggest reasons people quit our industry.

The traditional approach to dealing with rejection in network marketing is all wrong!

It was necessary because of using old school marketing approaches that encourage rejection!

Typically, new networkers have been taught old-school marketing and lead generation methods. They have been told to make a list of 100 friends, neighbors, and relatives to approach. Or maybe call in a favor or two. Or more discouraging yet, new people have been taught to purchase lousy opportunity seeker leads to call or even host home parties.

It’s no wonder networkers suffer so much rejection. They are talking to the wrong people…people who for the most part, are not the least bit interested!

Making the situation even worse, their sponsors have given them bogus advice. They have been told things like:

You just need to talk to more people.
Work through the rejection.
Every ‘no’ you get means you’re closer to a ‘yes.’

No wonder so many give up in our industry!

Our team’s unique solution to the problem and why it works

The good news is that you can build a successful network marketing business without dealing with all of the rejection. And thanks to the Internet and the right systems, you can do it mostly for free!

The key is to promote yourself, rather than your business. We call it attraction marketing. With the right system, you can brand yourself as a leader and expert in the network marketing industry. Using the Internet, you can get enough exposure so that prospects interested in and actively searching for a networking opportunity will be contacting you, rather than you chasing them.

With this approach you can eliminate dealing with so much rejection. This will make your business far more enjoyable and lead to a big increase in retention, team growth, and residual income.

Now you can build a bigger and stronger team using our solution to the problem of rejection in network marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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