Why I Recommend GetResponse Autoresponder – 8 Top Reasons

In this blog post, I want to share why I recommend GetResponse autoresponder.

Why I recommend getresponse autoresponder.

I’ve been marketing online almost since the beginning of the Internet. Email marketing has always been my most effective marketing strategy. As a result, I haven’t worked a real full-time job in years.

Over the years I’ve used several different autoresponders. Some of the big names. Some of the not so big names. And even 2 autoresponder software programs I ran right from my computer. Because of that, I have a good feel for what works best.

I want to share the 8 reasons I feel GetResponse is the very best autoresponder.

8 reasons why I recommend GetResponse autoresponder

First and most importantly, performance. I’ve found GetResponse gives me the best deliverability. In short, it gets my emails into subscribers inboxes.

Second. GetResponse has all of the features I need. For example, it provides everything from basic autoresponder features to advanced automations.

Third. It is a long-established company. They’ve been in business over 20 years. Therefore, I don’t worry about them disappearing.

Reason four. GetResponse has excellent training videos. Because of that, even first-time email marketers can get set up quickly and easily.

Number five. Their support is excellent. Sooner or later, we all have a question. We all need some kind of assistance. I’ve used their support on several occasions. It is fast and efficient.

Reason number 6. GetResponse loves affiliate marketing. Believe it or not, some autoresponders do not even allow it. This is important even if you are not in affiliate marketing now.

Imagine the disappointment. Sometime down the road, after building a large responsive list with another autoresponder, you decide to do affiliate marketing. And then your autoresponder shuts you down. It happens. It’s a real bummer.

The seventh reason. You can turn off double opt in. Double opt in is where your subscriber is required to click a confirmation link before being added to your list. I like being able to do this if you want.

And the final reason, number 8. GetResponse integrates with just about everything. It’s a real time saver. Therefore, it makes e-marketing super simple no matter what business you are promoting.

Get a free account and 2 free bonuses too

I think when you review all of this, you will agree that choosing the GetResponse autoresponder just makes sense. To make your decision even easier, you can get a FREE GetResponse account here.

And I have 2 free bonuses for you when you join GetResponse using my link above.

Bonus number one is a library of 30 emails ready to copy into your GetResponse autoresponder. Professionally written emails I’ve used myself. They will work for any good offer you are promoting.

Bonus number 2 is my Email Mastery training course. Tips and strategies for best email marketing. Delivered right to your inbox.

Now that you know why I recommend GetResponse autoresponder, I hope you’ll give it a try. Please reach out with any questions.

To your success,
Joe Barclay

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