Face To Face Network Marketing Recruiting Was Never So Easy

In this blog post, I will share my secret to face to face network marketing recruiting. You will learn how to recruit more good people, in less time, into your business.

Face to face network marketing recruiting tips.

I started in network marketing over 30 years ago (before the Internet). Recruiting has evolved over the years. But, too many networkers still struggle when recruiting face to face.

And that’s unfortunate, as over the years, some of my best team members have come from face to face contacts, whether it be friends and other so called warm market contacts, or people I happen to bump into.

And when network marketers struggle in person, it almost always is a result of the same thing. They talk too much!

Well, here’s my tip to solve that challenge. Let the tools do the talking.

Even though I’ve been in network marketing a long time, I never try to explain things in person. I always use the tools. And if you are just starting out, it’s even more critical to let the tools do the talking.

And I’ll go as far as to say, the more you talk, the less success you are going to have.

You can’t give a proper presentation standing on the sidewalk. And you make the business look way too difficult. All the hurry up presentation on the street corner does, is convince your prospect that your business is something they do not want to do.

So, here’s what i do instead…

My secret to face to face network marketing recruiting

I deliberately run into people all the time. And sooner or later the conversation gets around to what I’ve been up to. So, I give them a one sentence explanation of what I’m doing online (and that will vary depending on your particular business).

For example, here’s my one sentence: “I’ve been using a simple little web site to help people like you and me never run out of money”.

For years, we’ve called it our Elevator Speech. Short and simple. Just enough to see if there is interest and arouse curiosity. The old rule of thumb is to keep it under 3 minutes. I’ve had terrific success with the one sentence.

Spend some time coming up with your Elevator Speech.

Now, if they do not ask any more questions or show any interest, that’s it. No problem. I tried. I don’t try to push.

However, if they do ask questions or show interest, I tell them they need to see a 5 minute video that explains everything. They will know right away if this is for them.

And I give them my card…

Face to face network marketing recruiting business card.

Maybe the best $20 I ever spent

Notice this is not your typical business card. Just my web address and my name. Period.

No phone number. No email address. I don’t want them to call me, I don’t want them to text me or email me just yet. I want them to watch the video.

The cards are super affordable. I get them made at Vista Print.

Here’s why it works so well.

When people get to the website, they see a short video that shares an almost irresistible, high converting offer.

A home business unlike any other. People see it and want it. Right on the spot.

The video encourages people to grab a free spot on my team so they can kind of test drive the business and start building an income while they’re checking it out. Before they’ve invested a dime.

Well, it’s pretty hard to say no to an offer like that. That’s what makes it so easy. I invite you to check it out for yourself.

I hope this helps you recruit more good people face to face. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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