Online Marketing Strategy To Make Money Faster And Easier

In this blog post, I want to share my online marketing strategy to make money faster and easier than ever before.

I recommend this for anyone, whether you are a beginner online marketer or more experienced. It’s exactly what I do to create both time and money freedom. It’s how I ski most days in the winter and sail most days in the summer, while most people are stuck at their traditional job.

Online marketing strategy to make more money

First, you need to select the right opportunity to promote. It needs to be something almost irresistible and high converting.

With that in mind, I promote an affiliate offer on how to create a full-time income in as little as 30 minutes per day. Almost anyone looking at the home business industry would be interested in a faster and easier way to make money online.

My online marketing strategy relies on a powerful lead capture page

Rather than promote the offer directly, I send traffic to a high converting lead capture page so I can build an email list. Then I count on the follow up emails in my autoresponder to do they work.

The old maxim is that it takes an average of 7 exposures to make a sale. Email marketing solves that.

Go here to learn how you can get the very best email autoresponder for free. And it comes with a couple excellent bonuses too.

All of the follow up emails direct people to a high converting sales page. It gives them all the info they need. They can learn about our simple system and how they can make money fast.

Most online marketers miss this step

You must make it easy for prospects to get to know you. It must be simple for them to reach out with any questions.

So, every email I send out has my picture and contact information at the bottom. Not just my email address, but my cell too. I encourage prospects to reach me whatever way works best for them. They can call or text if they prefer.

Maybe the most important part of my online marketing strategy is providing the best training and support possible.

Everyone who joins my team gets access to my private New Members Guide. This ensures they get started the right way, and positions them to start making money fast.

Our company has the best training in the industry. Period. In fact, people in other opportunities, regularly join my team, just for the training. It’s that good.

But best of all, when we team up, I become your personal mentor and coach. I share everything that has helped us be successful.

To learn how you can create a full-time income in just 30 minutes per day, visit my website at:

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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