Frustrated Network Marketer – I Found The Solution

In this blog post, I share my background as a frustrated network marketer, and explain the solution I found.

frustrated netowork marketer looking for solution

My network marketing career has spanned 3 decades. I’ve spent over 15 years as a full-time network marketer. Thanks to network marketing, we have enjoyed time and money freedom and have met many terrific people. In spite of that, I became frustrated with many of the same things that frustrate other networkers.

Things that lead to a frustrated network marketer

Those frustrations included the high cost to get started right, to position yourself for maximum income. While it was not an obstacle for me, it has prevented many good people from joining the industry. Worse yet, network marketing has put too many people in a tough financial situation by spending money they could not afford.

I was always ok that network marketing was work. It’s a business. But I always wasted too much time training and mentoring some new team members who never got off their fanny and did anything. Too much of my success depended on the efforts of others, not just my efforts.

Perhaps my biggest frustration was the fact that many network marketers make very little money…sometimes even less than they spend!

In this video, I share those frustrations and explain the solution I’ve found.

If you’ve spent any time in the network marketing industry, you can probably relate. You may already be at the point of a frustrated network marketer. I hope this video inspires you to further check out the solution I found. It has been a breath of fresh air!

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To your success,

Joe Barclay

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