How To Increase Email Open Rates Even Double Or More

In this blog post, I will share how to increase your email open rates dramatically. I will also explain how one simple step can even double your open rates or more.

How to increase email open rates

First, what are email open rates and why are they important. Open rates are the number or percentage of email recipients who open your email. In our industry, what is considered good email open rates are typically in the low to mid 20 per cent.

But I feel it is far more beneficial to focus on the trend rather than the actual rate. I’m always checking to see if my email open rates getting better or worse.

Email open rates are important for several reasons. First and most obvious, is that if your email is not opened, it is not read, and it does not lead to further action. But there is much more to open rates.

A bigger impact of low email open rates is that it can lead to lower deliverability of future emails. It’s as if the low open rate tells internet providers like Gmail that your list is not engaged – or even just plain not interested in your content. Low email open rates can even lead to your campaigns being blocked.

How to increase email open rates

Several things can impact email open rates. First are issues that impact email deliverability. These are things such as setting up your autoresponder correctly and mailing from an email address on your own domain. Do not send from a Gmail or Yahoo email.

You can’t have good open rates without good deliverability.

Other things that impact your email open rate are things like subject lines, email sending frequency, and sending content that your list really wants. All of these are ongoing steps you need to monitor and measure. Again, is your email open rate getting better or worse. Each of these can impact your open rate significantly. Keep a close eye on them.

But for those who don’t do so on a regular basis, nothing can have as big and immediate an impact on increasing your email open rates as cleaning your list. You must continually remove inactive subscribers.

Inactive subscribers are people who have not opened an email in a certain period of time. Recommendations I’ve seen are all over the board. I typically remove subscribers who have not opened an email in 60 days.

Recently, I made a YouTube video detailing how I remove inactive subscribers automatically.

Depending on how stale your list has become, removing inactive subscribers can double your email open rates overnight. Sometimes even more. Removing inactive subscribers is something you absolutely must do.

I hope this helps you increase email open rates. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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