WIFM For Network Marketing Success – Discover How To Use This Principle

Learn how to use the principle of WIFM for network marketing success. It’s a simple, but often over-looked factor. In this blog post, you will discover what the principle is, and how you can apply it in your own business starting today.

wifm for network marketing success

First, just what is WIFM? It is an acronym that stands for What’s In it For Me?

This principle is not just for network marketing. Really, any business can benefit from it. No matter what product or service you are promoting, what really matters is what is in it for the customer. But, it’s amazing how often marketers miss it!

The focus has to always be on the customer or prospect and what they really want or need. Too often, marketing seems to be more about the marketer and his or her needs or wants. For real success, you must have a clear picture of your prospect and their needs and wants.

How to apply the principle of WIFM for network marketing success

You can apply WIFM to almost all aspects of your business. Here are some key examples:

Landing pages

Landing pages and thank you pages must focus on WIFM. If you are building your network marketing business online, the landing page will frequently be your initial contact with a prospect. When you fail to address their needs and wants, it may end up being your last contact, too, as they may click away. If you expect a prospect to leave their contact information on your landing page, there must be something of real value in it for them.

Generating traffic

Just like the landing page, your advertising must address the prospects needs and wants. It does not matter if it’s a Facebook post or a solo ad, you must be offering value that addresses the needs and wants of a prospect.

Personal branding should be all about WIFM for network marketing success

Branding yourself as a top earner is great. But, who really cares? What a prospect cares about is what you can do for them. Work on branding yourself as not just a leader, but as someone who can help prospects reach their goals.

Follow up emails and blog posts

Here too, everything must be customer or prospect focused. I’m all for establishing credibility. But, stop talking about your accomplishments and shift to providing value that addresses the WIFM factor. You can use an About Me page on your blog to tell about yourself in detail. Use blog posts and emails to deliver value for the prospect.

Presentations should be based on WIFM for network marketing success

Network marketing presentations can be online or in person. Our team uses an online tour for simplicity and duplication. The presentation is like your last shot, so it needs to be totally value loaded and focused entirely on the prospect’s needs and wants. It’s your chance to be the solution they are looking for.

Team training / team building

If I listen to one more training that is focused on Mr. Big Money-Maker, I am going to puke! Nobody cares about how much money you make. What are you going to do for me? Put the focus on the audience. Stop bragging. Above all, stop talking about yourself…and deliver value.

Trust me. It makes a huge difference. In conclusion, be sure to use the principle of WIFM for network marketing success.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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