Dumb Network Marketing Questions – These Disqualify Prospects

Dumb network marketing questions are asked by some prospects. To help improve your recruiting, I will identify 4 questions that should immediately disqualify someone for your time or a position on your team.

dumb network marketing questions

Top recruiters learn to quickly disqualify prospects who ask dumb network marketing questions

One of the keys to effective recruiting is to master sorting. Therefore, you must be constantly sorting your leads and doing it quickly. That’s how you ensure you are spending your time with the correct people. One of the best ways to sort new prospects is by listening to the questions they ask.

It’s important to note that questions are different from excuses. Excuses are just that. The prospect is using an excuse as their justification to say no to joining your business.

I hope for prospects to ask questions. That shows me they are really interested. However, sometimes the questions they ask show me the lead has done absolutely no research on the industry or business. Other questions identify the prospect as someone who is just not right for network marketing.

Here are the 4 questions that are the most glaring examples

Why do I have to pay to get a job? This is almost 2 dumb questions in one. First off, network marketing is not a job, it’s a business. And all businesses have costs involved. I always distance myself from the free mentality prospects as quickly as possible. Freebie-seekers are almost always hobbyists who never turn into serious business-builders.

Why do I have to buy product (or sign up for auto ship) to get a check? If they had spent any time studying up on network marketing, they would know that the sale of product or service is what it’s all about. That’s where the money comes from. It’s what makes network marketing work. That’s what makes it a legal business model. This is another question that identifies the lead as a freebie-seeker.

Isn’t this a pyramid? This question is frequently used as an excuse too. Any prospect asking this question has not spent any time studying network marketing. I never try to convince them otherwise.

Do I have to do anything? This is my all time favorite of the dumb network marketing questions. I don’t get it often. But, it really cracks me up when I do. When it comes up is usually after explaining how our online system does so much of the work. An old mentor and friend had a great response to this question: “No, once a month we’ll just back the money truck up and unload…Of course you have to do something!”

Lead abundance is key

The key to being comfortable quickly disqualifying prospects is lead abundance. You need to have more good leads looking at your business each day than you have time to follow up with. That’s why lead generation is priority #1 on our team.

Hopefully you will be a better recruiter and team builder now that you know how to recognize dumb network marketing questions that immediately disqualify a prospect.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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