Target Busy People For Network Marketing – Why It Works So Well

Target busy people for network marketing and watch your business take off. It is a great recruiting strategy. In this blog post, I’ll explain why it works so well.

target busy people for network marketing

Years ago I learned to target busy people for network marketing. It’s a prospecting strategy that has really paid off. I still focus on it today. Busy people make things happen!

When you target busy people for network marketing, you are prospecting people with a real need for both time and money freedom

And that’s one of the big benefits of building a network marketing business. It’s not just about money and financial freedom. Prospects around the world, have come to our industry seeking to create time freedom too.

If anything, this prospecting strategy is even more effective today. It seems more people than ever are just plain tired of working a traditional job, trading time for money, and never having enough of either.

One of the few good things about the pandemic is that it is causing people to re-evaluate how they spend their day. As a result, the traditional job, no matter what it pays, is becoming increasingly less appealing.

Time is becoming a more important commodity!

Busy people are the ones that have learned how to get things done

Maybe it’s because they didn’t have a choice. They typically are not just busy, they are productive. And that’s what counts.

And that can make them terrific business partners and team builders. In fact, as I sort through my prospects each day, the first ones to go to the bottom of the list are the leads with too much free time. Think about it…how good of a business-builder will a guy be when he’s used to sitting on the couch watching TV all day, no matter how much money he says he wants to make?

Busy people who are a good fit for network marketing come from all kinds of backgrounds. Everything from single moms trying to make a living and raise a family, to professionals who have seen their career and drive for advancement take over their life and time.

One thing these busy prospects have in common is that they have learned how to manage their time. Typically, they are the organizers. They are the ones with the “no excuses” attitude. As a result, that’s how busy people get things done.

Recruiting them is easier than ever

Modern technology has come to the rescue. In the early days of my network marketing career, recruiting required more of a hands on, face to face approach. One-on-one presentations at the coffee shop, hotel meetings, passing out tapes, and the like. It was pretty tough to get busy people to look at the business. Because of that, you had to be good, and they had to have a really strong need. And you had to be persistent.

Now it’s so much simpler. So much more geared to busy people and time management. Online presentations available 24/7, the simplicity and speed of text messaging, and shorter learning curves have come to the rescue.

Connecting with busy people has become easier too. Most busy people do seem to have time for social media. If you are into Facebook and other social media, they can be a gold mine.

The key to recruiting busy people is to be clear about what’s in it for them. Address the prospect’s want of time freedom while being concise and respectful of their time. And most importantly, demonstrate how your network marketing business can be the solution they are seeking.

I encourage you to take your recruiting up a notch and learn how to target busy people for network marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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