The Big Hurdle In Network Marketing And How To Overcome It

The big hurdle in network marketing has existed since the beginning of the business model. I am convinced that it is the number one reason people fail in network marketing. In this blog post, I will identify what the big hurdle is and more importantly, how to overcome it in your business.

big hurdle in network marketing

The big hurdle faced by everyone in network marketing is generating enough high-quality leads each day!

And the emphasis is on high-quality. It’s not just how many leads you generate daily, but how good those leads are. Success in network marketing requires spending your time with the right kind of people. There are many leads that are just not a good fit for the business.

To have massive success in network marketing you must have an effective strategy for lead generation and list building. And you must grasp an important concept. No matter what business you are building, no matter what product you are promoting, you are really in the lead generation/list building business!

The old school solution still works…for some

Over the years I’ve met a number of networkers who had a huge sphere of influence (in the old days we used a Rolodex). They enrolled a large number of business partners by what I call nose to nose networking. Their entire lead generation strategy was reaching out to people they knew or came in contact with and prospecting them. For some of them it worked. I know several who became top enrollers in their company that way.

But, there is a real problem with that strategy. Most people do not want to do that. Many flat out will not do it. You have to remember that people who join you in your business will try to copy what you do. To build a large business with the old school approach, you need huge recruiting numbers to stay ahead of the numbers of people who quit.

Everyday people need an easy-to-copy system

Network marketing success is all about leverage. It really is a numbers game. Successful marketers need a system that continually generates top quality prospects using methods everyday people can see themselves copying and having success with.

To take advantage of this leverage, modern day network marketers can rely on technology. They can generate top quality leads every day in a time-efficient manner.

My favorite free lead generation system we teach our team is message marketing. Done correctly, it can generate excellent leads almost immediately. And, it is something anyone can copy and have success!

I’m sure you will enjoy much more success in your business now that you know how to overcome the big hurdle in network marketing.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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