Network Marketing Leads To Disqualify To Only Work With The Right People

Knowing which network marketing leads to disqualify is an important skill to learn. It is the key to spending time working with the right people on your team.

network marketing leads to disqualify

To be more effective at sponsoring in your network marketing business and building a large team, you must learn to spend your time with the right people. The key is to have enough good prospects coming in daily.

My goals is to always have more people looking at my business each day than I have time to follow up with. When you are in that position, you can be very selective about who you spend your time with. In fact, as I sort through my leads each day, I am looking for reasons to quickly disqualify certain prospects so I can focus on the best ones.

There are several types of network marketing leads to disqualify quickly as are just not right for the business and not worth your time

Enrolling the wrong people into your business usually does more harm than good. If you are not careful, they can waste your time, poison your attitude, and slow the growth of your team.

Here are the most common types of network marketing leads to disqualify and the tell-tale signs to recognize them by:

First are the deadbeats and those suffering from what i call the broke mentality. These are the ones who will ask if your business has a start-up cost, if they can send you a money order to get started, or why they have to pay to get a “job.” Some of them will even ask if you will help with their initial investment. They are always looking for a network marketing business to start for free.

Next are negative people, those with negative spouses or partners, and excuse-makers. You know…the real doom and gloomers. These people blame everyone else for their failures and have an excuse for everything. Sometimes they will tell you their spouse or partner is holding them back from joining the business. Typically, they spend their time trying to figure out why your business won’t work.

The third type is what I call the mlm or network marketing junkie. They continually jump from one business to another. It’s always the previous company that held them back rather than their own performance. Usually they have been in several businesses in the last 12 months.

The last type are the know-it-alls and other time-wasters. These prospects love to tell you how much they know. They rarely turn out to be successful because they are not coachable. They are the kind that are always looking to reinvent the wheel rather than follow your team’s system. I’m in Internet network marketing for the time freedom as well as the money. I refuse to let these losers waste my time.

Probably the most damage that enrolling these kind of prospects can do is to pull you away from working with the right people on your team. Learn to think of prospecting as a sorting process. Quickly disqualify those who are not right for your business so you can focus on the winners.

And it’s easy to do….IF You have a steady flow of new leads every day. That’s the critical part!

You will build a bigger and more enjoyable business when you learn which network marketing leads to disqualify.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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