BS In Network Marketing Hurts Everyone – What To Do

I’m really getting sick of it. The BS in network marketing hurts everyone. It seems like more and more network marketers are relying on hype, exaggerations, and outright lies in their marketing. And as the claims get more outlandish, it does even more damage.

In this post I will reveal the 3 areas most prone to the nonsense. I will also share how to recognize the BS so you do not fall victim to it, as well as offer several simple solutions.

bs in network marketing hurts everyone

The problem is far more than just that this nonsense does not work for the marketer using it. Not only does it ruin their credibility, but prospects who fall for it are hurt too. Other legitimate network marketers are hurt by it also. And, worst of all, our industry and its reputation are hurt. It has to stop!

The bulk of this madness seems to be focused primarily on 3 areas of network marketing. I see it everyday in landing pages, solo ads, texts, voicemails, and emails I receive. Here is what to watch out for.

3 main areas where the BS in network marketing hurts everyone

Ridiculous income claims. This is by far the area of the business most prone to the nonsense and a really good way to get yourself in legal trouble too. In fact, the FTC is cracking down on it. The best way to avoid trouble here is to never make income claims.

Lead generations claims. Whether it be marketing for solo ads or lead generation systems, the hype can be terrible. And if one of these miracle systems really brought you thousands of leads for next to nothing, how good would those leads really be anyway? Talk to your upline about how they generate good leads. Lead abundance is a major key to success in network marketing.

How easy the business is. How many times have you seen claims that you do not have to do anything… “We build it for you”? I’ve taught for years that network marketing is simple. But it is not easy. In fact, it is work, just like any other business. However, if join a good business and team and follow a proven system, almost anyone can have success.

The solution is simple

The solution to the problem is simple. Do your homework. Know what are reasonable expectations in our industry. Be aware of ridiculous claims and avoid marketers using them. Unsubscribe from lists using those tactics. If your team and business are guilty, it’s time to move on.

If people you have brought into the industry are guilty, talk to them. Get them to understand the problem hurts more than just them. Teach them how to build their business the right way. If they won’t change, distance yourself.

And the old rule definitely applies here too… if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

Let’s all work to put an end to it. The BS in network marketing hurts everyone!

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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