Udimi Solo Ads Review – A 4 Star Solo Ad Marketplace

This Udimi solo ads review is based on my own personal experience. I will share all of the facts you need to have before you use this solo ad marketplace.

udimi solo ads review

Solo ads are a method of email advertising that you purchase from other email list owners. They have been sold for many years now. In its simplest terms, the way a solo ad buy works is you pay the list owner to send an email with your link to their email list to generate traffic and optins for your offer. The amount paid is based on the number of clicks you receive on your link.

Udimi is a solo ad marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. You can sign up for free and start receiving traffic at your link quickly. My review is after 10 personal solo ad buys on Udimi. Solo ads are a key part of my lead generation strategy and help me to enroll more good people into my network marketing business.

My Udimi solo ads review is 4 out of 5 stars for the following reasons…

Udimi has a large number of solo ad sellers. Sellers set their own pricing. Most solo ads on Udimi cost between $.40 and $1.00 U.S. per click.

The marketplace system makes it easy for buyers (even if brand new to solo ads) to find sellers who meet their requirements. The system makes it quick to sort sellers by a number of traits, including…

Maximum price you want to pay per click
The niche a seller works in
Positive ratings for a seller
Percentage of orders where a seller generated sales for a buyer
Percent of repeat orders from customers
And more

Their website contains pages of feedback and reviews on sellers. Feedback is encouraged. Udimi provides an easy way to monitor your solo ad order as it runs. You can even see up to date traffic delivered, traffic distribution by country, and useless traffic that is filtered out.

I found Udimi to be good at handling questions and problems. When a recent solo ad buy came up short, Udimi contacted me to inform me they had issued a partial credit. They initiated it! Udimi provides live support via chat. I’ve used it and only waited about 2 minutes for a response.

Udimi has a number of policies and procedures in place to protect you as a buyer. Udimi controls all aspects of the transaction. Sellers are carefully screened. And Udimi has its own click filter to guarantee you do not get junk traffic.

Udimi has an excellent affiliate program

Your referrals are automatically offered a $5 discount on their first solo ad order.
You will earn 15% commission for all solo ad orders of people you refer to Udimi.
You will earn 25% commission for all upgrades to what they call Prime membership.

Udimi offers a Prime membership upgrade. It includes a number of nice additional features. My 3 favorite benefits of Prime are:

Visitor recordings that capture every one of your visitors and records clicks, moves, and scrolls they make on your site. It shows you exactly how visitors are using your website.

Heat maps and attention maps that show how people interact with your site. What’s really cool is they update in real time.

Doubled affiliate payments for Prime upgrades. As a Prime member you receive 50% commission on Prime upgrades.

However, the Prime upgrade is way too expensive at $148 per month. I do not recommend it.

I would have given Udimi Solo Ads 5 stars in my review except for the fact that the results delivered by many sellers are less than expected. Just as in other forms of advertising, you need to carefully test a small run before you spend a lot of money with any seller. Additionally, the Prime membership is a real turnoff at that high of a monthly fee.

That said, I do recommend Udimi and still use it myself. It is part of my and our team’s regular marketing strategy. I invite you to buy Udimi solo ads with a $5 discount.

I hope you will have more success in your business after reading my Udimi solo ads review.

To your success

Joe Barclay

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