List Building Mistakes That Cripple Network Marketers

List building mistakes constantly cripple network marketers. In this post, I will explain how to recognize the common mistakes and overcome them in your business.

list building mistakes cripple network marketers

Those who follow me know I am big on lead generation and list building. In fact, an important concept all Internet and network marketers need to grasp is that no matter what business you are building, no matter what offer you are promoting, you are really in the lead generation and list building business!

Effective online marketing comes down to building a list and managing it properly so you can continually build a relationship with your prospects and automate the sales process. It really is a numbers game. Do it right, and the size of your list dictates your level of success.

Unfortunately, too many marketers make many of the same list building mistakes. Here are the common ones I continually see. The good news is each one is easy to overcome once you know how.

6 list building mistakes to look out for

Not even building a list.

I’m still amazed at how many marketers try to sell direct from a sales page rather than collect an email address from a landing page and use a well-designed sales funnel to continually follow up.

Poor landing page design resulting in a reduced number of opt-ins.

The most frequent culprits here are asking for too much information on the subscribe form, not offering enough value to encourage opting in, and on many blogs, not providing subscribe forms in multiple locations making it easier and more likely for visitors to opt-in.

Make sure you test your landing page before using it. I’ve seen too many with broken links. Landing page design is an art most people never master. When selecting a business to join, make sure you choose one with a sales funnel and system with ready-to-go landing pages.

Not having a clear picture of your target market.

Not knowing your leads and their needs. Without having a fix on this, you will not only see a greatly reduced number of optins, but a high level of inactivity and unsubscribes from those who do get on your list.

Sloppy email marketing causing a high volume of unsubscribes and inactivity.

Once you have a clear picture of your audience, you need to speak to their needs and work on building relationships. Learn to deliver value rather than constantly pitching your business. With careful testing, you can get a feel for the right schedule of emails to send. Both too frequent and too seldom mailings hurt.

Not using the right autoresponder.

Your email list will become one of your most valuable assets. One key factor frequently overlooked in email marketing is deliverability. This is the percentage of emails that actually make it into your list’s inbox.

Recently I started using this autoresponder after some careful testing. It is super-affordable (you can even use it for free) no matter how big your list gets and deliverability is excellent!

Not driving enough traffic to your landing page for effective list building.

Even with everything else in place,unless a large number of people see your landing page each day, you will not have major success with lead generation. And with adequate traffic, you can continually test your landing pages and improve them.

I hope you’ll use this as a check list to eliminate your list building mistakes.

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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