Network Marketing Depends On Marketing For Massive Success

Yes, success in network marketing depends on marketing. To have massive success in our industry, you must master several marketing skills. In this blog post, I will outline the most critical marketing skill of all, and why it’s so important.

network marketing depends on marketing for massive success

Everything in network marketing depends on and starts with marketing. And unfortunately, most networkers have no marketing experience prior to joining the networking industry.

In its simplest sense, marketing is the combination of things you do to cause more people to buy your network marketing product or service or to join your team as a business partner. It’s what creates business!

You must have a marketing strategy for your business

To have massive success in our industry, you must have a well-planned strategy for marketing your business. It will require you to master several skills.

Today, most networking companies provide extensive training on how to market their business. And individual teams within a company usually offer additional training on their particular system. If your team has a good, proven system, it is important to copy it exactly. Failing to follow the system can quickly ruin your business.

Real success in network marketing depends on marketing YOU

Don’t get me wrong. Company training is critical, especially when it comes to policies, procedures, and product knowledge. However, focusing on marketing the company is not the best strategy. It’s too easy to get lost in the sea of “me too” marketers. There is no reason for a prospect to team up with you when you do that. Moreover, once a prospect develops an interest in a company, they Google it for more information. No matter who you are, they will find someone bigger than you to join with.

So, rather than marketing your company and its opportunity, it is vital to promote yourself. This personal branding is called attraction marketing. It’s all about branding and promoting YOU. When you learn to use attraction marketing effectively, prospects begin seeking you out, instead of you searching for them. It sets you apart from the crowd. You become known as a leader, a mentor, and the kind of person prospects are looking to team up with.

This is so important because effective lead generation is the most essential marketing skill. You must be good at developing and maintaining a steady flow of qualified, motivated prospects looking at your business each day. The number one cause of networkers not enjoying the success they hoped for almost always traces back to not having enough good, fresh leads.

I hope you have more success in your business now that you understand how closely success in network marketing depends on marketing

To your success,

Joe Barclay

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